TMJ Treatment

TMJ disorders can cause pain, discomfort, and limitations in jaw movement. Fortunately, there are various treatment options available at Mosaic Prosthodontics and Esthetic Dentistry to alleviate TMJ symptoms. Two common approaches include the use of night guards and occlusal appliances.

Night Guards:
Night guards, also known as occlusal splints or bite guards, are custom-made oral appliances worn during sleep. They are designed to protect the teeth and alleviate pressure on the jaw joint by providing a cushioning effect. Night guards help to prevent teeth grinding (bruxism) and reduce muscle tension in the jaw. By creating a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, night guards can also help to correct any misalignment issues that contribute to TMJ disorder.

Occlusal Appliances:
Occlusal appliances are another type of oral device used in TMJ treatment. These appliances are designed to adjust the bite and improve the alignment of the jaw. They can be worn during the day or night, depending on the specific needs of the patient. Occlusal appliances work by guiding the jaw into a more optimal position, relieving stress on the TMJ and surrounding muscles. They can help alleviate pain, reduce jaw clicking or popping sounds, and improve overall jaw function.

Benefits of Night Guards and Occlusal Appliances:

  • Pain Relief: Night guards and occlusal appliances can provide significant pain relief by reducing jaw muscle tension and minimizing stress on the TMJ.
  • Protect Teeth: These appliances act as a protective barrier, preventing teeth grinding and clenching that can lead to tooth damage and wear.
  • Improved Jaw Alignment: By promoting proper jaw alignment, night guards and occlusal appliances can help improve overall jaw function and reduce symptoms associated with TMJ disorders.
  • Enhanced Sleep: Night guards can improve sleep quality by reducing teeth grinding and associated discomfort, allowing for a more restful night’s sleep.

Night guards and occlusal appliances are effective treatment options for managing TMJ disorders. By wearing these custom-made oral appliances, patients can experience pain relief, protect their teeth, improve jaw alignment and achieve better sleep quality. If you are experiencing symptoms of TMJ disorder, consult with Dr. Kaveh Azarnoush, our prosthodontist, who is experienced in TMJ treatment in Cedar Park, Texas. Call us at 512-528-0975 today to learn more and see if night guards or occlusal appliances are suitable for your specific needs.